Al Umeed Rehabilitation Association for Cerebral Palsy

Our Programmes

Functioning out of the Custom built building in Gulistan e Jauhar Karachi, since August 2000. Services offered at this first of its kind CEREBRAL PALSY COMPLEX are as follows

Physical Therapy

It is the main treatment with the aim of

regaining their physical strength.

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Occupational Therapy

The initial focus is on activities

of daily living

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Hydro Therapy

The buoyancy of water relaxes

muscles and joints. Structured exercise

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Speech Therapy

Majority of the CP have limited speech.

Sign Language classes occurred for children of cerebral palsy.

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Special Education

The five classes are arranged according to

their mental ability and not the age.

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Computer Education

For many of the CP children, it is easier

to press a key as opposed to writing.

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Vocational Training

To enhance hand coordination and to give some skills

Painting , Mehndi application , Cooking , Tuck shop

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Appliances Orhotics

The children have custom made appliances for

the hands, elbows, knees and chest

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Games are played twice weekly.

Cricket is the favorite followed by badminton.

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A fleet of 8 vans provides door to door

pick and drop facility from all parts of Karachi.

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This programme was introduced to develop

a relationship with the parents and the staff

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Home Visits

The staff visit the homes of the children once a year,

to assess the home conditions.

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