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Sensory Integration Therapy

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Sensory Integration Therapy

AURA Sensory Integration Therapy provides specialized and effective services to address sensory processing challenges in individuals of all ages. Our skilled therapists utilize evidence-based approaches to create personalized treatment plans that focus on sensory integration techniques. We work closely with each CP Children to understand their unique sensory needs and develop strategies to help them better process and respond to sensory stimuli.

At AURA, our sensory integration therapy services aim to improve sensory processing, enhance motor skills, and promote overall emotional regulation and social interactions. By offering a supportive and nurturing environment, we help individuals build confidence and develop essential coping mechanisms. Whether dealing with sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, or other sensory-related challenges, our mission is to enable CP Childrens to thrive and lead fulfilling lives by overcoming sensory barriers.

Our Expanded Services

AURA Expanded Services offers inclusive programs empowering individuals with diverse abilities through vocational training, early intervention, integrated education, field trips, Special Olympics, and celebratory events.