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Cerebral Palsy Myth Or Reality?

CEREBRAL PALSY or in lay person terms “Paralysis of the Brain” is a Neurological disorder that affects a Child Physically, Mentally or Both. Degree of disability, severe, moderate or mild, depend upon the specific areas of the Damaged Brain. Factors that create this disorder are still largely unknown, but the ongoing Research suggests that the Majority of CEREBRAL PALSY cases result from Oxygen deprivation to the Brain, before, during or shortly after Birth uptil 2 years of age. Important: Accidental Head Injury or Viral infection during Early Childhood also could result in CP. It affects the part of the brain which controls the (Motor) Physical Functions and does not necessarily affect Intelligence. Some may have impairments with Vision, Hearing and Speech as well. With Early diagnoses and intervention with Right Therapy, Treatment and Rehabilitation Program, most Children get to live a normal life span. CEREBRAL PALSY itself is not a disease, nor is it contagious, hereditary, or progressive. In some cases CP child may additionally be suffering from Genetic, Environmental or Chromosomal factors (Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD, Downs Syndrome).So are handled accordingly.