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Empowering Differently Abled Minds at AURA

Alumeed Rehabilitation Association (AURA) - Empowering Differently Abled Lives

Awareness initially was created by Word of Mouth, due to poverty of Finances, small attempts at reaching out to general public through Newspaper/Ads, Fund raising events with help of Generosity of some Kind Hearted, God Fearing Philanthropists. Donations in Kind made it possible for AlUmeed Rehabilitation Association AURA for Cerebral Palsy to move into a Custom Built Building for Physically and Mentally Challenged CP Children, in Gulistan e Jauhar Karachi, in the year 2000, to welcome them in the New Academic Year. The NGO through its Project, AURA CENTER For Cerebral Palsy offers Treatment, Rehabilitation (BOBATH Concept) and Special Education services for CP Children/Adolescents.

  • Holistic Rehabilitation
  • Compassionate Team
  • Empowering Differently-Abled
  • Nurturing Environment
  • Philanthropy in Action
  • Building a Strong Community

Discover a Nurturing Community at AURA.

When they come to AURA, these children are taught to be useful members at home and in society. Paintings and handicrafts are sold and the numeration is given to the children. Currently, AURA has over 80 CP children in an inclusive program along with over 60 state children from low income families. The AURA has a staff of about 40 people including therapists, teachers, attendees and the admin and caretakers.

First Assessment-Therapy (BOBATH Concept)-Hydrotherapy-Rehabilitation Program including Special Education, Vocational Training and recently introduced Inclusive Education Program with the Street Children, are the Primary Services besides the door-to-door Pick & Drop Service.

Regular Field Trips, celebrating all the important events (National/Personal), participating in various events. Special Olympics, Naat/Art/Tableau competitions, Picnic, Independence Day are just a few of the many initiatives that we take to encourage and empower the AURA children to learn and grow.

A Program for Empowering Children with Cerebral Palsy

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