Al Umeed Rehabilitation Association for Cerebral Palsy

Aura Staff

Syed Irshad Ali

Syed Irshad Ali

I'm Syed Irshad Ali, COO of AURA Centre, I lead with excellence, fostering inclusive education for children with Cerebral Palsy.

Dr. John Carter

Amtul Abbas

I'm Amtul Abbas, Doctor Of Physical Therapy, MA In English , Director of AURA Centre, Included Rehab, and inclusive section for children with Cerebral Palsy.

Dr. Michelle Hall
Inclusive Incharge

Miss Saima

I'm Saima Shafiq incharge of inclusive section. I'm overseeing our school with dedication, ensuring every child thrives in an inclusive environment.

Dr. Michelle Hall
Rehab Incharge

Miss Mahlaqa

I'm Mahlaqa Tabassum, Completed Masters in Socialogy Teacher incharge of rehab section