Al Umeed Rehabilitation Association for Cerebral Palsy

About AURA

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Al Umeed Rehabilitation Association for Cerebral Palsy .

ALUMEED REHABILITATION ASSOCIATION (AURA) FOR CEREBRAL PALSY is a Charitable, Non Profit NGO, registered with the Directorate of Social Welfare Sindh, since August 1989. For All Donations in Cash or Kind, Receipts issued are Tax Exempted. Also Registered with (PCP) Pakistan Center for Philanthropy since 2018. Dr Ruby Abbasis’ youngest son, Bilal at the age of 2 years & 5 months was struck by Viral Enchephalitis in 1975. Late Diagnosis as Severe Physically affected CP child, left him Wheel Chair bound till his demise in 2005, at the age of 32 years & 9 months.

On her return from UK in December 1984, after getting trained in BOBATH CONCEPT/TECHNIQUES for Cerebral Palsy, Dr Ruby Abbasi made a Humble Start of AlUmeed Treatment Center in January 1985, from a Two Roomed Rented Premises in P.E.C.H.S Karachi AlUmeed as a NGO was formed in August 1989, by the Affected Parents of CP Children and Professionals & Social Workers (Pediatrician, Family Physician, Physiotherapist, Teacher, Engineer, Social Workers) who joined Dr Ruby Anwar Abbasi in this Journey of Love and Compassion

Our Mission

Transforming through compassion, innovation, and dedicated care, providing specialized services for children with cerebral palsy to thrive and embrace their individuality.

Our Vision

Empowering young lives affected by cerebral palsy, unlocking their full potential, and embracing boundless possibilities for a brighter, inclusive, and transformative future.

Our Planning

Creating inclusive, impactful, and sustainable programs, collaborating with families and communities to foster a brighter, more inclusive future for children with cerebral palsy.

Empowering Revitalizing Rehabilitation Program

Discover our empowering revitalizing rehabilitation program, dedicated to restoring your well-being. Benefit from our qualified therapists, advanced treatments, and diverse activities to enhance your journey to recovery.


Qualified Therapist

Expert, compassionate care for your transformative rehabilitation journey.

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Advance Treatment

Cutting-edge therapies and holistic approaches optimize your well-being.

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Different Activities

Engaging activities promote holistic well-being and personal growth.

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